Industrial Salt, PDV Salt, De-Icing Salt is the most efficient way to control ice on the road. Industrial Salt by “Organic Salt Trading” is effective and is perfect for, swimming pools, oil Drilling, de-icing pavements, parking lots, and roads. Our Industrial Salt / PVD Salt can be ordered and delivered in bulk.

Industrial Salt / PDV Salt bulk available in different qualities according to the required specifications.

  • Different grain sizes (0-1 mm / 1-3 mm / 0-5 mm/ 1-5 mm / 0-6 mm / 0-10 mm)
  • Fine or coarse pure white Industrial Salt for brine production
  • Coarse salt for silo storage (minimal dust formation)

Industrial Salt Usage

  • Industrial salt / PDV Salt are used as raw material for the production of different chemicals.
  • Industrial salt / PDV Salt used for water treatment are typically employed in water softening systems.
  • Industrial salt / PDV Salt are used as an additive in mud used as drilling fluids.
  • Industrial salt / PDV Salt are widely employed as an economical option for the de-icing of roads, platform, and walkways.
  • One of the industrial uses of salt is in the metal industry. Industrial salt / PDV Salt is used in the processing of metals and secondary aluminum making as it removes the impurities.
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    Pool Salt (Premium Quality)

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